End-to-End OTT Monitoring with VirtualNOC

Our Solution

OTT Operations hub for monitoring performance at scale and improving QoS

Touchstream's unique CDN data sharing relationships mean the root cause of errors is diagnosed in minutes

VirtualNOC - a holistic approach to your live video infrastructure

Our end-to-end monitoring solution VirtualNOC collects data from all endpoints of the video delivery chain and monitors it 24/7. This allows operators to visualize issues clearly and take action before they affect viewers.


Stop finger-pointing,
start fixing immediately

Our real time, direct data sharing with CDNs removes arguments with your technology providers. Keep everyone focused on where the problem lies and solving it as quickly as possible.

Always stay in control,
no matter where you are

With a connection to the internet, operate from anywhere with cloud based VirtualNOC. Give your operations team the visibility tool they need for their complex workflows no matter where they are.

Replay and increase
video ops efficiency

Virtual NOC's Incident Playback System (IPS) enables comprehensive root cause analysis. Replay errors from the past to pinpoint root causes and prevent future issues to improve long term QoS.

Protect your live streaming investment

You invest in all of the different components that make up the video delivery chain. Whether you stream a live sporting event to millions of viewers, invest in CDN contracts, or build a new app, the viewer is the ultimate judge. Your approach to monitoring will determine your success or failure and ultimately the viewer’s satisfaction. And, remember, an unsatisfied customer will always be much louder than a satisfied one. Reduce margins of error to a minimum by giving your operators full visibility over their workflow along with data from previous incidents.

Close the visibility gap in live stream monitoring

Touchstream integrates at crucial points of the video delivery chain, between the content preparation (encoders) and CDNs. Visibility over this part of the delivery chain before Touchstream was practically impossible.Touchstream VirtualNOC technology works in three key ways. First, by using cloud pollers (PoPs) around the globe which  mimic viewers of your streams 24/7 to guarantee content is always available and running smoothly.. Second, by integrating with your hardware or software data source and third, by integrating with a cloud service such as audience analytics or server side ad insertion provider.

Easily integrate your audience analytics

We believe in specialized technology. By combining ours with third-party data, you will be able to complete the VirtualNOC allowing you to easily visualize your entire video workflow from one dashboard, while still being able to jump into your audience analytics in just one click.


My solution is geoblocked outside of my country. Is this a problem?

The Touchstream VirtualNOC solution has regional probes in over 20 countries and the locations you choose for the monitoring of each stream are specified during the setup. If we don’t have the locations you need, we’ll get them!

We use DRM and URL signing. Will this be an issue?

Not at all. VirtualNOC does not decode any content so DRM is not an issue. We also have standard URL signing available for the major CDNs and are happy to integrate new methods for specific customer needs.

What stream formats do you support?

Touchstream VirtualNOC supports MPEG DASH, HLS, HDS and SMOOTH.

Do I really need to worry if a single bitrate is failing?

Our extensive experience in live stream monitoring has shown single bitrate failures will often lead to much bigger outages. Occurring further up the encode chain they are a clear indicator of problems. As an early warning alarm they allow you to address issues before the majority of your customers experience them.

But my solution is already live. How hard will it be to implement VirtualNOC?

Our preference is for your solution to already be live. VirtualNOC will be monitoring your entire streaming platform with only a few minutes of setup and configuration. No hardware is required by the customer, the entire solution is cloud based and ready to deploy right now.

I have on-premise equipment for delivery monitoring. Can I integrate that data into the VirtualNOC dashboard?

Yes, you will need to run a script internally that collects the data from your hardware, then you can HTTP POST the status information via the Touchstream API so that it is visible in the VirtualNOC dashboard.

I am using a third party audience measurement service, can I integrate that?

Yes, if the third-party service provides an API for access to your audience measurement data. You can then HTTP POST the status onto the VirtualNOC dashboard.

I have an event/VOD about to be released, can I start monitoring earlier? Ensuring all is working by the time it's available to customers.

Yes you can, as long as it is available on the CDN we can start monitoring it earlier for you.

I am having some stream performance data provided by my CDN. What will be the advantage to have more from Touchstream VirtualNOC?

VirtualNOC's main purpose is to improve your relationship with your CDN provider. VirtualNOC provides independent verification of CDN and origin endpoints. Very often such data is priceless if you want to make a point and stop finger pointing. You can also integrate any data to Touchstream VirtualNOC and vice versa.

Will I have support to integrate data from other parts of a live video workflow in Touchstream VirtualNOC?

We have a team that will support you throughout the whole process.